What Are The Signs Your Partner Wants You For Physical Relationship

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What Are The Signs Your Partner Wants You For Physical Relationship

Every relationship needs love and lust both. Although, love is the most important thing which controls the relationship and makes the bond stronger. But unfortunately, there are some relationships which cross the limit of lust and overcomes the love. If you feel the same with your relationship, you should be a little aware of what to do and when to stop. That is why you should be aware of the fact if your partner only wants you for physical relationship. Hence, here we have come up with these signs to make your aware. (Also Read: What Are The Things Women Do Which Kill The Relationship)

They feel uncomfortable to express their emotions:
If your partner just wants lustful things from you, he/she may have lost the loveable feelings from you. So, whenever you want to talk about the emotions they mumble and feel hesitant to talk. It is a clear sign that your partner does not love you and want you just to meet the physical need.

They come to you just to have sex:
It is natural that your partner wants to meet you if you are in a relationship. But he/she does not want to meet you for dating, dinner or lunch you may feel a bit worried about it. But if you realise that your partner only comes to you when there is a chance that he/she may have sex, then you better know what to do. (Also Read: How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back In Your Life)

They do not make you feel happy and special:
If your partner does not make you feel happy but meets his/her physical needs, you should be a bit aware of it. If you do not need your partner to be a little conscious about it. Your value is not just what your partner is giving. You deserve more than this.

Talks to you less:
If your partner does not behave like a normal couple and just like to indulge himself or herself into a physical relationship, you may be in trouble. No matter how much you love him/her, you deserve much better who truly loves you not just want you for lust. (Also Read: How To Flirt With Girls If You Are Shy And Introvert)

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