What are the signs when you must reconsider your friendship

What are the signs when you must reconsider your friendship

A friend in need is a friend indeed! But there are certain friends who do not justify this statement. Their behaviour and attitude towards us, make us feel that we should reconsider being friends with them. They give us a feeling of doubt in friendship. Thus, we should closely introspect their behavioural patterns before they backstab us. Some people often take advantage of you, by wearing the mask of friendship. In a real sense, they are the biggest enemies of your life. Thus, don’t be a fool in friendship. Be wise and listen to your intuition. It is often right and will help you come out of the vicious circle of fraud. (Also read: What could be your life if Virat Kohli had been your boyfriend)

What are the signs when you must reconsider your friendship?

Your friend pulls you down: If you are friends with someone who always drags you down or pulls you down in life, then you must reconsider your friendship. Friends are the supports in every sphere of life. They should encourage you instead of pulling you down at every step. Some friends misguide you and never want to see you grow in life. Those are the friends you must say a ‘Good-Bye!’

Fire up the conflict: There are certain friends who do not like to resolve the conflicts. All they do is initiate an argument, leading to conflict and then keep firing it up. They don’t find a solution to bring it to the end and thus, they are often the pain in the head. (Also read: How to impress your partner’s parents when you meet them for the first time)

Leads an unhealthy lifestyle: We all get influenced by the way our friends and the people close to us spend their life. If they are too much into unhealthy habits, you must take a break. If there is a significant difference between the lifestyle of both of you, then you should part your ways. An unhealthy lifestyle can be poisonous to us.

No balance in the friendship: If you are the only one who initiates in your friendship, then you must give your friendship a second thought! Don’t let anyone take you for granted. Be wise and witty. Don’t be fooled by any of the actions of your friends. If they are trying to maintain distance from you, or only consider you for their purpose and not otherwise else then you must not be friends with them anymore. Friendship is all about spending quality time together and be there right at the back of each other.

Your friend humiliates you in public: If your friend can’t stand by you in public then you should not be friends anymore. If he/she humiliates you in public for very small reasons or for anything, you should not tolerate it. Any kind of humiliation in public can affect you mentally. Don’t be a laughing stock in front of people just because of your friends.

Thus, you must choose your friends wisely. Also, giving a second thought to your already existing friends is no harm. You must not act dumb when you are friends with someone. (Also read: What are the different types of girls that guys hate to date)

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