What are the signs that your partner truly respects you

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What are the signs that your partner truly respects you

When you are in a relationship you think of your partner in the best possible manner. You think of the love they shower on you, the attention they pay and the things they say. However, have you ever stopped to think if your partner is respectful towards you? Being in a relationship is not just about the love and affection you two have towards each other. It is also about the respect you two have for each other. When there is respect in a relationship, the relationship will certainly last for long. So, if your partner respects you, then you will instantly recognize these signs! (Also read: What are the signs that you are in a relationship with a drama queen)

Never disrespects you in public

In every relationship, the couple has fights and disagreements. It can be about anything, be it the place to eat or something serious. However, if your partner respects you then he or she will never raise the voice in public. A respecting partner always values your social standing as well.

Asks for your opinion

A true relationship means that both the partners are equal. That means when it comes to making a decision you two have a discussion and then there is a decision. It shows that there is respect in a relationship.

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He/She never bad mouths about you

It is one of the most important things in a relationship. Even when you two are going through a rough patch, a respectful partner will never speak evil about you. It shows that he or she always has regards towards you.

Respects your time and commitments

He or she might have a dinner plan idea for the tonight, whereas you have an important office presentation. In that case, a truly considerate partner will show regard towards your work commitment and even encourage you. This shows that he or she has a deep admiration for your time.

She or he respects others 

When your partner is truly a respectful person then it will reflect on his approach towards others. If your partner is truly a respectful person then she or he will be towards everyone.

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