What are the signs that your mom is your bestfriend

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What are the signs that your mom is your bestfriend

Your mother is your first friend. She is someone who has been there for you in the most selfless way. From your first step to the first step in the real world, without her support, you would be completely lost. The mother-child relationship is the deepest and strongest bond of all. Despite the disagreements and generation gap, most people are proud to say that their mom is actually their best friend. So, what are the signs that your mom is your best friend? Let’s find out! (Also read: What are the signs that you have found your bestfriend for life)

She is your first call about everything
You know that your mom will be there for you anytime and every time. So, you never hesitate to call her with any news. She is your first call when anything good happens or you are feeling lonely.

Always honest
She only wants the best for you, even when it means sharing the bitter truth about everything. Her honesty is the one thing you can never doubt on. She tells you her honest opinion, even when it is difficult to hear.

Her support is always with you
Even when you are at the lowest point of your life, her support is something that you can always count on. She has your back even when you didn’t even realise it. She is always there to cheer you up.  (Also read: Why it is absolutely amazing to date your best friend)

Best advises
Many people feel the need to keep their life private from their moms, but not in your case. She knows you better than anyone in the world, so she provides you with the best advises when you need it the most.

You look forward to spending time with her
You always feel excited when you get a chance to spend time with her. It is the time when you can completely relax with her and talk your heart out.

She knows your personal life really well
Just like any best friend, your mom has an insight into your personal life. She knows about crushes, your personal struggle and issues. Your mother always listens to you without judgement.

She is your inspiration
Your mom is your role model. She inspires you to try harder and to do better. You always look up to her for motivation. Secretly, you really want to grow up like her.   (Also read: What Are The Mistakes That Put You In The Friendzone)

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