What are the signs that your man is actually emotionally intelligent

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What are the signs that your man is emotionally intelligent?

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When you are in a relationship you except a lot of things from your man. Things like affection, trust, loyalty and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence simply means that instead of hiding behind the mask of machoism your man addresses the emotions. The emotional intelligence is about embracing your emotions and cherishing them. Most guys believe that being sensitive and emotional is a girly thing, that is why most guys hide behind machoism. So, if you have found someone who is open about his emotions then you should consider yourself really lucky. So, what are the actual signs to find out if your man is emotionally intelligent? (Also read: What are the things you must know while dating an independent woman)

He is expressive
An emotionally intelligent man believes in expressing his emotions. Be it a declaration of love, or talking about real issues in a relationship. An emotionally intelligent man believes in confronting his feeling rather than fighting them.

No sulking, just communication
A real man with emotional intelligence doesn’t sulk and act out when there is a disagreement. So, instead, he believes in communication. He talks about his feelings and his fears in the relations. This way there is no miscommunication with him. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is bored of you)

You know what you are to him
There is no guessing game when it comes to knowing your position in his life. You know what he feels and what is relationship status.

He is there for you
Whenever you are feeling down, hurt and upset, you will see that he is there for you. He doesn’t leave you alone to sort things out. He stays with you to comfort you and help you in every possible way.

Calm and sensitive approach
A man with emotional intelligence has a better control of his emotions. So, even in worst times, he is calm and in control of his emotions. Therefore, his actions speak for him more than his word.

He is honest
Honesty is the trademark of an emotionally intelligent man. He believes in being truthful. So, you don;t have to worry about his real intelligence. (Also read: What are the signs that you are dating a true gentleman)

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