What are the signs that your love is just one-sided love

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What are the signs that your love is just one-sided love

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Love is a beautiful emotion that unites two people in a beautiful relationship. However, for a truly loving relationship, it is important for both of the people to be completely in sync with each other. If you are in a one side love situation then it is just painful for your heart and soul. One sided love might give excitement in your life in early stages but with it turns into a painful and unrequited love. It is important to have your partner’s involvement in a relationship to make it a successful relationship. If you are the only one who is romantically involved in a relationship, then you are going to face heartbreak someday. Therefore, you must know about the hints that you are actually in a one-sided relationship.

You stalk their friends
When you are in love with someone you want to know all about them. However, when you are in a one-sided relationship then this urge increases as you want to keep tabs on the person. You stay up late night to check their profile as well as their friends’ profile.

Constantly check their last seen on social media
You keep an eye on their social media presence and their last seen on WhatsApp, Facebook and other sites. Often you start worrying if they are online late at night.

Day-dreaming about life with them
In one-sided love, this is the most common this. You spend most of your time thinking about the life with them. Due to this you often ignore the fact that you are actually in a one-sided relationship.

You don’t understand the negative response
Even when the person has clearly told you that he or she is not interested in you, you keep pestering them. You don’t lose hope of getting together with them. As a result, you don’t understand their feelings and live in your own world.

You feel hurt when they ignore
You feel really disappointed and hurt when your love interest ignores you and talks to others. If you in a one-sided relationship then you feel really possessive about them, as a result, their actions have a direct impact on your mood.

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