What are the signs that your girlfriend is behaving like your mother

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What are the signs that your girlfriend is behaving like your mother

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Relationships involve caring for each other in the best possible ways. Sometimes, this caring turns in overprotectiveness. Especially in case of girls, often it is seen that girls turn extra caring and affectionate in case of their boyfriends. So, as a result, they start caring for their boyfriend in a maternal way. This is not a healthy way to move forward in a relationship. As everyone is protective of his or her privacy and personal space this maternal behaviour can harm your relationship. So, let’s find out what are signs that your girlfriend has turned into your mother. (Also read: What Are The New Year Resolutions To Make Your Relationship Better)

Texts you frequently
It is natural to stay in touch with your boyfriend if you are in a relationship. However, if your girlfriend constantly messages you every now and then, it might be a sign of overprotectiveness. A healthy communication is different from constantly texting your partner.

Gets jealous of your other relationships
When you are with your friends or your family then it is a sign that your girlfriend is turning into your mother. She is constantly worried about who all are spending time with you. She acts jealous and overprotective all the time. (Also read: How to turn your one night stand into a long term relationship)

Stalks you on social media
Even when you update your girlfriend about your whereabouts, she still stalks your social media account to check. She keeps checking the check-ins and photo updates to know where are you. This behaviour is certainly maternal in nature.

Hampers your alone time
Sometimes you wish to spend some alone time to reflect on your thoughts and make decisions. However, your girlfriend doesn’t let you spend time alone. So, she constantly calls and texts you to know where are you, which hamper your alone time.

Questions a lot
It is natural to talk and communicate in a relationship but an overprotective girlfriend simply interrogates you. She keeps questioning you about your day and your friends.   (Also read: What are the things a woman wants in a relationship but is too shy to ask)

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