What are the signs that your friend is actually toxic

What are the signs that your friend is actually toxic

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Friendship is a beautiful bond that helps to go through life. Your friends are really special to you. They are the ones that are always there for you. When you feel down you call them, when you happy you share the good news with them. Through thick and thin you have their support. However, this is not true to your every friend. Some people simply pretend to be your friend to take your advantage. In other cases, some people are extremely negative and hateful towards despite calming to be your friends. It is best to stay away from them and let go of their toxic friendship. To recognize who is that toxic friend watch out for these signs. (Also read: What are the secrets you should never tell to anyone)

They just talk about themselves
Toxic friends don’t care about your life at all. They constantly talk about their own problems, their own lives and their own issues. As a result, you feel neglected in the friendship. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is your best friend)

They constantly let you down
You might make an excuse for their behaviour every time but even you know that they are not there for you. Whenever you really need the support of friends, you are left with no one.

Condescending and judgemental
Sometimes all need from your friend is a positive pep talk. However, toxic friends simply put you down by questioning your weight, height, complexion and all. You feel demotivated because of them.

They often question your friendship
You can try your best to show and prove your friendship but they still do not hesitate before questioning it. They often accuse you of being a bad friend to hide their insecurities.

You can’t be yourself around them
In friendship, you get the chance to be yourself. However, when you are stuck in a toxic friendship then you find it hard to be comfortable with your own self.

You feel annoyed when you spend time with them
Toxic friends are so emotionally draining that you always feel annoyed when you have to spend time with them. So, you always try to avoid it.  (Also read: What are the worst mistakes women make in a relationship)

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