What are the signs that your boyfriend is your best friend

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What are the signs that your boyfriend is your bestfriend

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A real relationship is not just about sweet nothings, romantic gestures and “I love you”, it is also about being there for each other at the worst times. In most cases, girls wish that their boyfriends were also their best friend. When your boyfriend is your best friend honestly then you can be completely honest with your feeling. Friendship is the beginning of any successful relationship. So, if you are really lucky then you boyfriends is also your best friend. Therefore, it is important to know what are the signs that your boyfriend is also your best friend. (Also read: What are the signs that you are dating a true gentleman)

He is always honest with you
If your boyfriend doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes you confronting you, just understand that he is also your best friend. He will tell you when you are being rude and disrespectful. He won’t lie to you.

He is always ready with an advice
Your boyfriend is not just a romantic partner, he is also your secret keeper. So, if he is your best friend then he will always help you to make the right choice. He will give you valuable and honest advice.

You don’t have to pretend at all
He loves you for you. You don’t have to pretend or lie in front of him. You are actually really comfortable with him. He never puts you down or tries to change you.  (Also read: What are the worst mistakes women make in a relationship)

You both talk all the time about the most random things
There is no topic in the world you can discuss with your boyfriend. He sits patiently when you are ranting about your work crisis. You two always find new things to talk with awkward silences.

Your social circle is now same
People have started considering you two as one. So, as a result, you two have a common social circle. The main reason for this is you two are so comfortable with each other.

You act silly in front of him
You are not afraid to bring out your goofy and silly self in front of him. He too joins in your madness, you two take silly pictures together and constantly tease each other.  (Also read: Why a relationship with too much love is actually harmful)

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