What are the signs that you have found your bestfriend for life

What are the signs that you have found your bestfriend for life

A best friend is not just a word, it the strongest bond you have with someone. In life, there are moments when you don’t even feel like facing the world, but your bestfriend is the one that is there for you. A best friend believes in you when no one else does. In your happiness, that one person is there to keep you grounded, in stress, your best friend is your number one cheerleader and when life hits you hard he or she is there to help you to step up. In the world, very few are lucky enough to find their best friends for life. So, what are the signs that you have found your best friend for life? (Also read: Why it is absolutely amazing to date your best friend)

You can be yourself
Your bestfriend knows your worst self and the weirdest. You have no problem in just being yourself with that one person. You know he or she will never judge you or put you down.

Supports your plans and dreams
The support you receive from your best friend is your life support. He or she constantly pushes you to follow your dreams. You can plan your life with them and your best friend will simply help you to plan it better.

Distance is just a number for you two
You might be living in Delhi and she might be in Tokyo but that doesn’t change anything between you too. Distance has nothing to do with the bond you two share.

Forgive and forget
No relationship is complete without fights and arguments. In the same way, you two have been through worst fights together. However, nothing really wins over the friendship you share. So, both of you forgive and forget the bad blood.  (Also read: Why should you never date your bestfriend)

Emotions on surface
You can cry like a baby in front of your bestfriend without a second thought and she or he can do the same in front of you. Be it job crisis or relationship trouble, you are free to express your emotions.

You know each other like back of your hand
If there was a quiz about you two, the result will be a perfect score. You two know each other completely. There is nothing secretive between you two.

Calls you out on your mistake
Only a true bestfriend has the right to tell you when you are wrong. He or she won’t talk behind your back but simply tell you. There is no place for fake appreciation as your bestfriend simply wants the best for you.

Always come back
You can push him or her away, but whenever you need your bestfriend they will be there without questions. Your fights and arguments or anything in the world can’t change the love you two have for each other. (Also read: What Are The Mistakes That Put You In The Friendzone)

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