What are the signs that you have complete trust in your relationship

What are the signs that you have complete trust in your relationship

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Having trust in a relationship is the foremost and the most important thing. Without trust, there is no relationship. When two people decide to be a part of each other’s life it is not just about the physical attraction and intimacy, it is deeper than that. It is about trust and honesty. Not every couple is lucky enough to have trust between them. So, if you are one of the lucky ones you will recognise the signs of having complete trust in one and other. Having trust in the relationship can help to build a happy and healthy relationship. (Also read: What is the difference between a good friend and bestfriend)

You never check each other’s phone
You know all details about your partner, therefore you don’t need to check the partner’s phone. The honesty and open communication you two share is enough to show the world what real trust looks like.

No secrets
When you have a trustful bond with your partner, you know there are no secrets between one and another. The worst secret you have kept from your partner is his or her surprise birthday party! (Also read: Why does your girlfriend like to steal your shirt)

Don’t need to cross-question
Both of you have complete faith in one and other. You don’t cross-question your partner about his or her location or plans for the day. When your partner tells you something, you do believe him or her.

Don’t need to trail behind the partner
When you have trust in your partner, you don’t feel the need to trail behind your partner with his or her plan for the day. You two give each other space to enjoy with friends and family.

No space for rumours
Many times some jilted ex-lovers, or backstabbing friends try to break a relationship by spreading rumours. A real relationship doesn’t indulge in pointless rumours and ignites arguments on the basis of it.  (Also read: How to add more “we time” with your partner to improve the relationship)

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