What are the signs that you are someone’s rebound option

What are the signs that you are someone's rebound option

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When a person faces breakup, he or she reacts in different ways. Some people stick to sulking and crying, while others switch to a rebound relationship. Rebound relationship simply means that when you are fresh out of a relationship and jump into another one. These relationships are often fleeting and short. There is nothing meaningful in them as they were built on the desperate need to have someone in the life. There are some signs that can tell you that you are in a rebound relationship or you are someone’s rebound. Let’s find out what these signs are. (Also read: How to tell a guy that you don’t like him)

Recent break
The person you are involved with has just gone through a rough break. There are chances that he or she was involved in a really serious relationship. This is clear that the other person is just treating you like a rebound option.

The relationship is moving too fast
In a healthy relationship, it takes time to get to know each other and develop real feeling. However, in a rebound relationship, the things move too fast, without giving each other enough time to develop real emotions. (Also read: What mistakes can make you lose the love of a strong woman)

Bitterness about ex
If the person is in a rebound relationship, he or she will continuously talk about his or her ex in a bad way. This shows that there is still some lingering resentment towards their ex.

Making the ex-jealous
He or she keeps posting pictures with you on social media or look for occasions to bump into their ex when you are with the person. All this is done to make the ‘ex’ feel jealous.

Jumpstart the relationship
Even though you two have just started dating, even then the person wants to jump into a relationship. Treat this as a warning sign as it shows the person simply want the comfort of being in a relationship with someone.

Still have things of their ex
Be it an old cup or tee shirt or anything else, if someone is still not over his or her ex, chances are they’ll still have their signs.(Also read: How to know if it is love or just friendship)

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