What are the signs that you are not ready for a relationship

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What are the signs that you are not ready for a relationship

When it comes to making the right choice in a relationship, you have to consider that you have to be emotionally ready for a relationship. If you are not prepared for a relationship, then even when you are with the perfect person, it can fail. The moment someone decides to be in a relationship, there are changes in his or her life. You can no longer be selfish and think about your life only, you have to consider the thinking of another person as well. Thus, it is not that simple, there are certain signs that can help you to tell if you are not ready for a relationship right. Make sure you check them! (Also read: What are the things you should avoid after a breakup)

You are still stuck in the past
When you have just ended a relationship or you are grieving the loss of love already, then you are not ready to commit to someone else. You need to be free from your past to get into a relationship.

There is no plan in your life
When you are figuring out a plan for your life or for your future, it is not wise to bring a relationship into the fix. It is important to focus your energy on making the life better for you, and until you do that don’t jump into a relationship. (Also read: How To Bond With Your Partner’s Family)

You need a relationship
If you feel that you need a relationship in your life to make your life better, then you must not do it. It shows that you want to turn dependent on someone, instead of being your own person. So, be a strong person first.

Every friend of yours is in a relationship
This might sound silly, but many people jump into a relationship just because their friends have relationships. This is just unfair to you and your possible partner.

You are confused
When a person is right for you, you just know it in your heart. Constant confusion is not a good sign.

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