What are the signs that you are forcing yourself to love someone

What are the signs that you are forcing yourself to love someone

Being in love is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. You connect to a person in the most amazing and special manner. However, it is important to remember that love works when it is about two people connecting together. It is not always the case, sometimes, the relationship is based on coercion. It means that one person is being forced to love someone else in the relationship. This kind of love can never last for long as it takes away the spark of the relationship. So, what are the signs that you are forcing yourself to love someone? (Also read: What is the power of an apology in a relationship)

Always making compromising
You have lost the sense of your individual identity in the relationship. You simply agree, without even putting your side of the discussion. This means you are forcing yourself to agree with everything.

Doing and planning things alone
Whenever there is a plan for a date or a trip, you are the one stuck in doing that. There is no help from your partner, and you wind up doing everything alone.

You are constantly crying and hurt
The relationship has turned into an emotional roller coaster for you. Often you find yourself crying due to your partner’s behaviour. (Also read: What are the most annoying things every boyfriend does)

You change as your partner demands
There is no trace of your own identity connect to you, as you simply change due to your partner’s words. Be it your dress sense, job or passion, you simply submit to it.

Stuck in the past
If you are not in love with your partner, then you constantly fiddle with the memories of your past. This is a clear sign that you are forcing yourself to love someone.

There is no future plan
You simply avoid discussing future with your partner. This is because deep down you know that you are just forcing yourself to love your partner. So, you avoid the discussion of future altogether. (Also read: Why it is absolutely amazing to date your best friend)

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