What are the signs that suggest your friendship is ruining your relationship

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What are the signs that suggest your friendship is ruining your relationship

Friendship is a very important relationship in our life. The presence of friends makes our living worthwhile. However, when it starts hampering our personal relationships, then it becomes difficult to manage them together. The situation becomes quite difficult even more when your friend is single and you are in a relationship. Thus, they are more dependent on you for emotional support. At times, you have to choose one person between your friend and your love. Both love and friendship hold a different level of importance in someone’s life. But sometimes, friendship affects your relationship in a negative manner. Let’s discuss how can a friendship affect your relationship. (Also read: How to reduce sexual tension between your crush and you)

What are the signs that suggest your friendship is ruining your relationship?

Your friend does not let you spend time with your partner: Your closest friend shares every plan with you but at times this becomes unmanageable for you. Your friend wants to go out with you and thus you don’t get a chance to spend time with your partner. This impacts your relationship.

Making fun of you in front of your partner: Cracking jokes and pulling each other’s leg is a healthy practice in a relationship. However, there is a limit for this as well. If your friend always makes fun of you in front of your partner, disrespects you in front of them then it becomes harmful to your relationship. In this way, your friendship might be a danger to your relationship. (Also read: Things you should do with your best friend before you get married)

Your friend insists you for breakup: Small fights and arguments are a part of every relationship. But that does not mean you will break up with your partner. If your friend insists you to break up with your partner every now and then, this is not a healthy practice. Ultimately this affects your love relationship.

They insist you to ditch your partner: If your relationship is going well and your friend insists you to have some fun and double date your partner, then it is not a right advice. If they are asking to look for another option in life, then you should not listen to them. They are in a way sprouting a doubt in your mind about your relationship. This may hamper your relationship.

Your friend often says ill things about your partner: When you have a fight with your partner, then your friend keeps on saying ill things about them. Every time they say bad things about your partner. They always portray a negative character of your partner, thus you end up thinking wrongly. This clearly shows your friend is actually a threat to your relationship. (Also read: What are the things that a committed man should never do)

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