What are the signs that someone is jealous of you

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What are the signs that someone is jealous of you

Jealousy is a very negative emotion that everyone faces occasionally in life. It means a feeling of envy towards someone’s better fortune. It might be due to your colleague’s better appraisal, neighbour’s expensive car or a friend’s relationship. There are plenty of reasons that can make a person feel jealous. However, sometimes this jealousy can be very destructive to a person. So, it is better to watch for the signs that someone is jealous of you before it turns harmful to you. This way you can protect yourself against the negative emotions of someone else. (Also read: Why men never want be in relationship with a dominating girlfriend)

Undermining your success
Despite your hard work and efforts, there is a friend that constantly puts you down. You might achieve something very important in life but that person just undermines your success. It shows that they are simply full of jealousy and envy towards you, which reflects in their behaviour.

Flaunting their own success
It is important to understand that people who constantly feel the need of rubbing their success on your face mostly face insecurity. As a result, they flaunt their success to cover their feeling of jealousy and envy. They are constantly struggling to hide their real negative emotion, which is why they stick to gloating. (Also read: What are the signs that you are someone’s rebound option)

Fake happiness
When your friend is jealous of you then he or she just pretend to be happy about your success. In real thought, he or she is full of toxic thoughts. Therefore, they simply fake their happiness when it comes to your life. If you notice carefully you will see that he or she is faking the happiness.

Fake praises
A real friend will always tell your flaws as well. However, a jealous friend is full of false praises to fuel your ego. All he or she wants is to put you down due to jealousy.

When you start paying attention to people around, you will start noticing their habits and traits. The most insecure people around you are also the most jealous. Their insecurity forces them to be envious of someone’s good fate or hard work. (Also read: How to tell a guy that you don’t like him)

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