What are the signs that she likes you too

What are the signs that she likes you too

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When you really get attracted to a girl and you think of her as more than a friend then it becomes important for you to know her feelings. Often girls are shy about their feelings and emotions. Even when they like a guy they won’t confess it straight away. However, it is not impossible to read a girl’s feeling if you pay attention. Most guys fail to notice these signs and keep worrying about the girl’s feelings. If you are stuck in a similar situation then there are few signs that can help you to know what is going on in the of the girl you like.

She will react to your presence
The most important hint is how a girl reacts to your presence. When you are with her all you need to do is notice her reaction and behaviour. If she is attracted towards you then her face will show. Another way to notice her reaction is when her friends talk about you. If she reacts with a blush or smile, then it clearly means that she is attracted towards you.

Eye contact
It is often said that eye contact can reveal most about a person. Same is the case when a girl likes you. In most cases when a girl likes you then she looks at you but avoids direct eye contact. If you notice then you will find that her way of looking at you is changed and now she tries to avoid maintaining an eye contact to avoid revealing her feelings.

She will try to know more about your personal life
When a girl is truly interested in a guy then she will try to know more about you and your life. This is because she wants to know better as a person. She will try to ask about your girlfriend or about your crush in an indirect way.

She keeps the conversation going
The girl who is attracted towards you will try to keep the conversation flowing and lively. She will not wish to stop talking or chatting with you. You will notice that she is trying to stay engaged in a conversation to keep in touch with you.

She will try to get close to you

You will notice that her body language has changed towards you. She will now try to find excuses to stay close to you or be in your company.

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