What Are The Signs That Indicate You Love Your Partner More Than They Do

What Are The Signs Say You Love The Partner More Than They Do

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Love is something which builds a relationship, but if the love is not equal from both the sides, the base of the relationship shivers. Loving someone is not a crime but expecting to get back the same love from your partner is not right. The way you feel maybe your partner does not. You can not blame any of you in this situation. But, the best you can do is to gradually move out from the relationship. When you can’t see the person happy with you, you can not do anything rather letting him/her go. But how do you know you love the person more than him/her? Here are some signs we are telling you which suggests the same. Hope this helps. (Also Read: What Are The Types Of Men Every Women Should Avoid Dating)

They would never let you feel that they want a future with you:
If you love the person, it is natural that you want a good future with the same person. So, you have plans with them and have a beautiful dream in your eyes. But, you gradually understand that the person does not even think of the future and you are not the part of it. It is possible that the way you feel for them they do not feel the same for you.

They do not care about your opinion:
It is hurtful. You are maybe rarely asked to share your opinion. This happens because they do not think they should ask for your opinion too. Your thoughts and musings are of little significance to the person you are supposedly madly in love with. Hence, it’s your call how you want to get out of that. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally At Home)

The person prefers to spend time with friends and family more than you:
Spending time with each other is something everyone prefers if he/she is in love. But not getting proper attention and time from the partner can make the person feel neglected. You may have devoted all your time to the person but the person may not be in love with you so deeply. It makes a relation gets broken easily.

You never feel secure in your relationship:
In a relationship, it is necessary to feel safe and secure. Your partner is the one who can make you feel like this. The way you let your partner know that how much you love him/her, you do not get the reciprocate response. Your partner may be not expressive but that does not mean you do not even feel secure and safe. Hence, now you should understand that your relationship is not worth. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggesting An Unconditional Love Between Both Of You)

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