What Are The Signs That He Is Checking Out Other Women More Than You

What Are The Signs That He Is Checking Out Other Women More Than You

It is not right that if you are in a relationship, you can not look at other guys or girls. But make sure, the checking out do not cross the subtle limit. Men generally tend to look at women more than women do. So, this can be extremely annoying if your boyfriend does the same. General eye to eye checking ours is perfectly fine. But if you feel he is more interested in scanning other women more than you, it is an offensive behaviour of him. It is not only disheartening for you but it is disrespectful to other women too whom he check out repeatedly. So, have a look at the following know about the signs that he is checking out others more than you. (Also Read: What Are The Common Mistakes Men Make In A Relationship)

Catching red-handed:
Are you completely tired of warning him everytime in public places? You may have caught him many times looking at other women. Yet, there is no change in his characteristics. Even after getting several warning from you, he does not stops this, you should give a second thought of being in this relationship.

He pays attention to her clothes:
If you understand that he is too interested in other women’s clothes, just warm him. He may tell you about this, but how can you be so certain that he just pays attention to the clothes, nothing else? It is a clear sign that he checks out women more than you. (Also Read: What Are The Reasons For Which You Are Being Taken for Granted Always)

Always online:
You should catch this sign easily if he always stays online. A man generally doe not stay online to talk or check out his male friends. If it if not you then get the clear signal of his disloyalty. He must be checking out other women more than you.

He is the man of ladies:
Is he a man of all ladies? You better keep an eye on his activities and characteristics. It is natural that he is most loves in girls gang. So, do not be so certain that he is not interested in other women. Just be a little conscious about this matter. Rest you both should have to manage.

He tries different ways to catch attention from women:
Have you notices that he becomes more active and does anything extra sometimes? He must be doing this because of the girls who is standing next to him. It is a tactic to grab the attention of the girls. Make sure you catch these signs better. (Also Read: Which Signs Say That You Are Not In Love Anymore)

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