What are the signs that a married man is attracted to you

What are the signs that a married man is attracted to you

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Marriage is considered a very sacred bond between two people for life. However, there are some men that are not entirely satisfied with their married life. As a result, they seek love and attraction elsewhere. Every person craves for love and for that they even get ready to put their marriage at risk. Despite this, it is important to remember that a marriage is a holy bond and it is important t0 nurture your marital life. So, you must remember that even a married man can feel the attraction towards some other girl. In such cases, the other girl ends up ruining a marriage and hurting people. Therefore it is important to know the signs that a married man is attracted towards you.

He constantly tries to be in touch with you
If you notice carefully then you will notice this sign. A married man who is attracted towards you will try to find excuses to talk to you or get in touch with you.

Will put his wife in a negative light
Someone who is married and still trying to seek affection somewhere else will always try to justify it. He will constantly bad mouth about his wife or how his marriage is unhappy. He will try to win sympathy and pity by doing so. In a way, he tries to validate his behaviour.

He will compliment you a lot
This sign is pretty obvious. He will go out of his way to compliment you and talk about your looks. He will try to make you feel special with his word and actions.

Will take interest in your personal life
He will try to be a part of your personal life. There will be a constant attempt from his end to know more about you. He will try to get close to you by being a part of your personal life.

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