What are the signs that a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you

What are the signs that a girl with boyfriend is flirting with you

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Understanding a girl can be really tricky at times. Especially, when the girl is already in a relationship. When a girl is single is easy to understand what she is really seeking if you understand her hints. However, when a girl is committed it is natural that you start maintaining a distance and keep your approach towards her just friendly. Sometimes, despite this, it gets confusing for the guy if the girl with a boyfriend starts flirting. It is important to remember that it might be a friendly advance from her end, but sometimes it is more than that. Therefore, it is important to understand if a girl with a boyfriend is actually flirting with you.  (Also read: Should you give your ex another chance)

Looks for chances to talk
When a girl is actually flirting with you she will look for chances to talk to you. She might try to invest in your hobbies or run into the same social circle. Despite a boyfriend, she will try to initiate a conversation with you.

Avoids talking about her boyfriend
It is natural that when you are in a relationship you talk about your partner as well. However, when a committed girl is flirting with you she will try to avoid talking about her relationship and her boyfriend. (Also read: How the friendship changes when you are in a relationship)

Late nights chats
She leaves no chance to talk to you, especially at night. If you observe carefully you’ll see that she is more responsive when you talk her at night. You two often end up talking and chatting all night.

Acts differently when around her boyfriend
This is the most evident sign that a committed girl is flirting with you. When she is with her boyfriend she acts that she hardly knows you. This shows that she is hiding something and her approach is not just friendly.

What should you do?
If you are sure that a girl with a boyfriend is flirting with you, the best option is to confront her. If she says she was just being friendly then start maintaining distance. (Also read: What are the things that are more intimate than physical attraction)

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