What Are The Signs Say That Your Partner Is Using You

What Are The Signs Say That Your Partner Is Using You

Have you ever felt that your partner is using you just for the heck of her or his betterment? Love is something which is being felt by the both the partners. No matter how you look, whichever cast you belong to, love should be pure and nobody can not flaunt it. But if your partner is using you, you would realise that you are being used by many of his or her motifs. You may feel that there is no love in the relationship but there are a lot of purposes. If the date you then they may fulfil these motifs. There are some clear signs suggest that your partner is using you. Let’s have a look at these signs. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest That Your Girlfriend Only Needs Your Money)

They do not want your relationship to be acclaimed publically:
If your partner is using you, you can understand that they do not want your relationship to be known by publically. They do not want other people got to know about their motif of using you. Your partners show themselves as single but they are nice to you only when you are alone with them.

They are the ones who only take every decision:
Your partner is never ready to discuss anything with you. They will only take decisions regarding your relationship, no matter how big or small the decision is. This way they make their stand heavy in the relationship. You can understand how useful your opinions are. (Also Read: What You Should Do If You Are Falling For Your EX’s Friend)

They are reluctant to take you on dates:
They will text you a lot on other topics or if they need anything from you. But they hardly ask you to go you for a real date. You may think that they love you and do not get time to go out, but you are wrong. You need to go inside the real depth of the relationship. Then you may understand how badly the person is using you.

They do not anything good to make you feel happy:
If the love is true. you both try to make each other happy by making few small changes in the relationship. But if your partner is using you, they only behave nicely to you till the time their purpose is not getting solved. But frankly speaking, your place will be dissolved when the purpose for using you in a relationship will be dimmed. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Suggest You Both Are In A Very Strong Relationship)

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