What Are The Signs That Your Partner Is An Attention Seeker

What Are The Signs Say That Your Partner Is An Attention Seeker

When two people are in love, both of them always want to make each other happy. However, for that, you do not need to make any special efforts all the time. Because if anyone loves you truly, then you hardly care about keeping your image artificial in front of them. But, if your partner is an attention seeker, they will definitely try to make a special effort to snatch your attention and push it towards them. Do you think your partner also does the same for you or others? Have a look at the following and know about know about the signs which say that your partner is an attention seeker. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Tulsi Or Basil Tea)

Excessive bragging:
If your partner is an attention seeker, they definitely love to brag about their achievements. We all love out achievement and sometimes its good to talk about it. But attention seekers rarely stop themselves from talking about it. They will make sure that you listen to them again and again.

Greedy for compliments:
Attention seekers love to get compliments. If your partner also does so, your suspicions may be right. They will try to do extraordinary things to grab your attention and will expect you to talk about it or compliment it. (Also Read: How To Rebuild Your Partner’s Trust After Cheating)

They hardly give you chance to talk:
If your partner is an attention seeker you will definitely relate to this point. The truth is, they are terrible listeners and they only want to talk about themselves. That is why you hardly get chance to interrupt them in between a conversation.

Consistency in complaining:
Do you think your partner is having a habit of complaining about things? Even if everything is perfect, they try to scrutinize the situations and find out the flaws. They do this because their sole objective is to stand out when everyone is supporting one single thing.

They feel insecure very easily:
As they have insecurities in life, they seek attention more than others. They think that doing some extra effort can fetch all the attention of others. But if your partner is a real attention seeker, they will definitely try to make you realise that they need your entire attention and that is how they minimise their insecurities. (Also Read: How Sunflower Oil Can Be Helpful For Your Skin)

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