What Are The Signs Which Say That He Is A Serial Cheater

What Are The Signs Say That He Is A Serial Cheater

A relationship can not last long if one of the partners is cheating. Cheating in a relationship is not a mistake, it is almost equal to the crime. If a person loves you, and you are cheating on them, what do you call it? It is absolutely unbearable. In fact, sometimes the phrase goes right with the situation: Once a cheater, always a cheater’. So, it is not guaranteed that if your boyfriend is cheating on you now, he will not do it again. He can and he probably will. Do you also think, your boyfriend/husband is cheating on you or rather is a serial cheater? Have a look at the following to know about the signs. Hope this helps you to self-check your relationship status. (Also Read: How To Rebuild Your Partner’s Trust After Cheating)

He denies to introduce you to his family and friends:
Is your boyfriend not letting you meet with anyone who is important to him, like family and friends? Do you think he can easily let others know about you but he can not? He must be cheating on you. However, there can be other reasons like a family problem, needs time etc. But without these problems, if he does this, you have to find out the real reason.

He is overprotective about his phone:
If your man is not letting you touch his phone, there must something suspicious. However, it is not about checking each other’s phone as everybody has their own personal space. But it is about not letting you touch his phone. He stays always in fear that he may have left his phone somewhere and you may check it. (Also Read: What To Do If Your Partner Is Cheating On You)

He does not feel guilty about his previous cheating:
If a person is not realising his mistake, do you think he will stop himself to do the same mistake again? He will not. If your man is still arguing with the situation which was the reason for your heartbreak, he does not love you.

He makes vague excuses and he is unbelievable most of the time:
When you accuse your man of few things, he gets puzzled and his excuses are not acceptable as they are vague most of the times. You may have become a person who always doubts her man, but if others also say the same thing, there is something wrong.

He does not care anything about you, not even about your male friends:
It can be possible that your boyfriend is providing you with enough space in the relation. But it is not possible that he does not care about anything in your life. Neither he has interest in your career nor in your friend circle. Sometimes you feel like a different person in from of him. He only has interest in his female friends and colleagues. This clearly signifies that he does not love you and is cheating on you. (Also Read: How To Avoid Being Cheated On Again In The Relationship)

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