What Are The Signs Of A Bad Kisser

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What Are The Signs Of A Bad Kisser

Have you felt embarrassed while kissing your partner for the first time? Your partner is bold enough to tell you that your kissing style was not satisfying. Do not stress out! This happens. Many of us have experienced nervousness when we kissed for the first time. But, repeating the same kissing mistakes, again and again, can make our partner feel unsatisfied with us. So, if your partner is asking you to improve your style of kissing, you can check the following points which are the signs of a bad kisser. These points will help you to not make the kissing mistakes further. (Also Read: Things You Should Avoid Saying Before Kissing Your Partner)

Reaching to the tongue right away:
The right way to kiss is to first reach the lips. Lips have sensations which lead to intense love and passion towards your partner. So, by touching the lips, you can raise a great sense of love, rather than reaching directly to the tongue. If you want to be a good kisser, progress with each step.

Backing off while kissing:
Many people back off while kissing. We can not tell you that how bad this nature can be. Just imagine, your partner is coming near to kiss you and you are backing off like anything. This activity can immediately turn anyone off. However, you can play around with your partner while kissing but do not back off. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Romance Which Suggest You Are Special To Him)

Biting hard:
Kissing is all about feeling the partner’s lips passionately. If you can not kiss your partner passionately and begin with biting his/her lips, you are not a good kisser. This can turn off your partner and ruin the feeling of love you are trying to make.

Kissing for too long or too short:
Although, there is no mandatory time people follow while kissing. It is a feeling in which both of you dwell together. You kiss your partner until the time you feel the love and your partner reciprocates the same. But if your kissing time is less or too long, it may irritate your partner.

Breathing and gasping too much:
Too much breathing while kissing is not a good sign of a kisser. You may have nasal or breathing problems, but breathing heavily on a person while kissing is a turn-off factor. (Also Read: How Public Display Of Affection Can Improve Your Relationship)

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