What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Wife Still Loves You Like Before

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What Are The Signs Say Your Wife Still Loves You Like Before

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When you get married, the spark of the relationship becomes a proof in front of everyone that you both are a perfect couple and love each other the most. But, gradually, the spark of relationship starts shrinking because of responsibilities, work pressure, family etc. But the love remains same. In many cases, the man loses some certain interests which he used to do when the marriage was new. The wife starts feeling lonely and ignored.

This is nothing but a struggling phase which will get over and start making your wife feel special to you again. But, how will you know that your wife still loves you the same way?(Also Read: What Happen When You And Your Best Friend Love The Same Person)

Things are same which used to be:
If you notice that your favourite food item is still the mandatory item in more or less in a week, in spite of the dislike your wife has to that, you are lucky. Do your handkerchief and your socks come automatically to your hand before leaving for office without any fail, your relationship is still the same and your wife still loves you. No matter how old is your married life, these common things cannot be changed if your wife still loves you like before.

She forgives you and does not extend a fight:
Having fights between a couple is a natural thing. But in general, wifes do not like to stretch a fight for a long time. If your wife still loves you the same way, she also would not lit the fire of anger again in between. She will forgive any of your faults it will clearly show her love towards you. Hence, you are lucky enough. (Also Read: 4 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Inner Circle)

She always stands by your side:
A marriage is nothing but a bonding of love and trust for the rest of your life. There may be many situations when you have to stand up to protest anything. The best part is, you will find your wife beside you every time. She supports you and won’t allow you to stand alone. She makes your life happy and supplies energy to it.

Her threatenings are fake:
There may be the times she tells you that she is done with you. You may seem impossible to her. But you will never find her leaving you alone just for this. She loves you, she can not leave you. These small fights are nothing but tell you that how important your presence in her life. After so many years of marriage, she is still with you and managing life with all your faults. (Also Read: What Are The Signs A Girl Shows When She Is In Love)

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