What Are The Reasons That Your Spouse Is Avoiding You

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What Are The Reasons That Your Spouse Is Avoiding You

Marriage is nothing but a bucket full of happy and sad feelings together. When two people start living together, a lot of things happen and they gradually understand that two people have to have a difference in their thoughts. Everyone wants to stay happy after marriage. But sometimes, it becomes unbearable to stay with the partner and spouses start avoiding each other. These all are the part of a married life. If this is happening to you too, you can have a look at the reason for the same. Hope this helps you to solve the problems between you two. (Also Read: What Are The Things Couples Should Stop Doing To Stay Happy)

After marriage consequences:
This mostly happens with the women. Right after marriage, a woman comes across with many things which are new to her. Some things are offensive and some are good. But as the woman have to stay in this new place, she starts to manage themselves as much as possible. This may hamper the happy mind of them and they start avoiding their spouses to calm their mind.

Intimacy related ignorance:
Your spouse may not want to come closer to you this time. That is why he/she may be avoiding you. Talk to your partner about it and sort your problems. If this is the reason for their ignorance, you should be a little patient and wait for the right moment. Other possible reason can be your wife’s recent childbirth or weight gain. (Also Read: What Are The Common Relationship Problems And Their Solutions)

Having an affair:
The extramarital affair is pretty much common these days. This can be the reason which makes your spouse avoid you. You can not help this situation. It is totally up to you how you want to deal with it. But the best thing will be to leave your partner, as he/she also must want that.

May your spouse needs space:
Many times, after marriage people start feeling a little trapped in the life as many responsibilities start coming suddenly. That is why people may want space for their life and the marriage. This can be the reason that your spouse is avoiding you these days.

Avoiding fight:
Do you both fight frequently? If you have any problem with your spouse you should clear it out. There is no need to drag the fight regularly. If this is the case, you should give some time to your partner so that it gets sorted out gradually. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That You Have Found Your Soulmate)

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