What are the reasons that your girlfriend is good at lying to you

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Why are the reasons that your girlfriend is good at lying to you

Lying is one of the bad habits that a person possess. To hide a single lie, a person has to tell hundred more lies. In a relationship, a single lie can make the person lose the patience and it affects the relationship in a worse manner. There are some girlfriends who think it’s okay to lie in a relationship. Either they have to hide something or don’t want to hurt you. But lying is not the only option. Comforting someone with a lie is something which will affect your life later on. If your girlfriend is constantly lying to you without any guilt, then she is definitely giving you certain signs that you must understand. Listed below are the few reasons for why does your girlfriend lie to you. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is still not over from his ex-girlfriend)

Why are the reasons that she is good at lying?

Your girlfriend does not want to hurt you: If your girlfriend lies to you, then there must be a reason for that. She might not want to hurt you with the truth. She might be just thinking about you and tries to hide the thing to avoid hurting you. Thus, she thought that a lie might comfort you and thus she chooses the easy option of lying.

Your girlfriend might want to hide her past: This could be the probable reason for lying. She might not want to reveal her past and thus is lying or hiding the truth. Though her past does not hold any importance, yet she wants to hide it to avoid any kind of complications in the relationship. (Also read: What are the cheesy things all couples do but never talk about it)

Your girlfriend wants to maintain distance: She might just want to maintain a distance from you. For that, she must be lying about her plans and how busy she is. Besides, she does not want your interference in her life. Thus, she keeps lying even for the little things.

Your girlfriend does not trust you: The most obvious reason she lies to you is that she lacks trust in you. She might not be able to trust you and thus she thinks lying is the only option she has got. Lying is one of the biggest evil of any relationship as stated above. Moreover, she does not know how will you react by knowing the truth, thus she wants to avoid telling the truth to you.

Your girlfriend wants to be the dictating one in the relationship: If she lies to you for no reason and always proves herself right, then you must understand that she wants to dominate you. By hiding her truth, she is trying to dictate the relationship and see look down on you.

So, beware while your girlfriend lies to you. She might have a purpose or might be toying you around! (Also read: What are the signs that your partner will be yours forever)

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