What are the reasons that you are single

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What are the reasons that you are still single

There are many reasons for being single and nit able to find the right partner for yourself.

If you want to be in a relationship and are still single, then there must be a lot of reasons behind it. Everyone desires the best partner in life. Be it a girl or a boy, everyone wants to be in love and celebrate life. If you like someone and do not get the positive response, you must try to figure out the reasons. Sometimes, we aim at something so high that we end up being the lonely one. In most of the cases, people do not make any effort and complaint of being single. Hoping for the best one in life is a good thing, but that should not overtake your desires. You must try and find out some reasons which let you remain single for a long time now. (Also read: How is your birth month responsible for your singlehood)

Most common reasons for being single in life

  • You are not trying
  • You want the perfect one
  • You are a shy person
  • You do not want to make efforts

You are not trying
The most common reasons for being single is that you are not trying at all. You have accepted your singlehood and do not feel like making any move. Besides this, you are too confused to make out what kind of partner do you need and who can be the best for you. Eventually, you are ending up being single.

You want the perfect one

What are the reasons for being single
If you are looking for a perfect partner, you will end up being single in life

We all want the best in life but we all have to make certain compromises. No one is perfect, not even you. So, try to settle your account. Don’t run after perfection, as it will lead you nowhere. If you really feel for someone, try to talk to them. The person might be waiting for you to make the first move. (Also read: What to do when you are tired of being single)

You are a shy person
Your shy nature can be the reason for your singlehood. If you are a shy person then making the first move and impressing someone will be difficult for you. This makes you hesitant of expressing your feelings in front of anyone. Until you will express yourself, the other person will not be able to know what you feel.

You do not want to make efforts
If you want that the other person should make an effort first, then you are at great fault. If you really want someone, you should take the initiative for yourself. When you expect that the other person will do whatever is required, here’s where you make the biggest mistake. Thus, try to take a step if you don’t want to be single anymore. (Also read: What are the benefits of being single)

These are some of the most common reasons why you are single. Besides this, your busy life, self-dependence, your ex-partner, fear of heartbreak etc. can also be some of the reasons behind your singlehood. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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