What are the probable reasons that your ex is ruining your relationship

What are the probable reasons that your ex is ruining your relationship

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Moving on is a story of everyone’s life. While you find yourself out of the chaos of your past relationship and feel happy with the new partner in your life, just then your ‘ex’ bangs back. When you think you have found your real partner and the perfect choice, your ex will get a signal from somewhere and will beg for a second chance. This actually happens with most of us. Our ex-does not spare us and keep seeking for one more chance. Can you imagine that a person gets transformed when he/she sees you with someone else? In reality, a big no! It’s just that they want you back in life and will try every possible way to convince you. His arrival in your life might affect your current happy relationship in the worst manner. (Also read: Why do women find bearded men more suitable for long term relationship)

What are the probable reasons that your ex is ruining your relationship?

Your ex-has a hope: Until you will convey your true feelings and being honest with your ex, he/she will stick to you. He/she will always carry a hope that you will come back into their life. We all know that there is always a soft corner for our ex-relationships in our heart. We fear to tell them the truth and hurt them by saying an absolute no to them. Until you deny your ex with a straightforward No, he/she will keep finding reasons to re-enter your life. This will benefit you in no way. Instead, it will spoil your current relationship as well.

You don’t want to hurt them: If you don’t tell the truth to your ex honestly, they will not find a reason to stop bothering you. Yes, you don’t want to hurt them, but you should not hide your feelings from them. The moment they try to make a comeback in your life, you should stand for yourself and deny them for the tricks they are playing. By not conveying them that you are happy in your relationship and don’t want to hurt your present partner, you are actually harming everyone involved. (Also read: How to seduce your partner in the right manner)

Stop hurting yourself: You should realise that it’s time for you to make a move. Moving on is a story of life. You can’t cling to something that left you already. Stop getting bothered for what your ex-says. Move on happily with your partner and let go of your past relationship. Remember, he moved out of your life when you needed him. And now, when you have found happiness, he has found his way back. And by sticking in between two relationships, you will be at an ultimate loss.

Your current relationship is ruining: By giving importance to your ex, you are spoiling your present relationship. You should realise that the role of your ex-partner has ended in your life. No matter what he says and does, his words should not misguide you. Besides this, a slight hint that you are unsure of your recent relationship, may make your ex-strong and break ruin your relationship. Be wise and choose your happiness. (Also read: What is the toughest phase of married life for a couple)

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