What are the possible reasons that you are afraid of a commitment

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What are the possible reasons that you are afraid of a commitment

Not everyone is open to the idea of a relationship at once. Some people feel that a relationship might kill the freedom they have and it will restrict the life they lead. Meanwhile, there are others who feel that a relationship might not end well and they might end up with a heartbreak. So, as a result, even when they find someone amazing they feel scared of the commitment and end up losing the chance of having something real in their life. Are you also facing the similar confusion in your life? Then you will instantly recognize these signs! (Also read: What things you should never forgive your boyfriend or husband for)

The fear of heartbreak
Not every relationship has a happy ending, in fact, many times even the most perfect relationship end. So, this creates a fear in the minds of people and they start to avoid relationships completely.

Focus on the career
For some people, their career is their priority. So, even when they find someone who is amazing, they stay focused on the job they have or the work they do. This makes them miss out on a wonderful bond of love and care. (Also read: What are the signs that his friends are more important to him than the relationship)

Bad experience in the past
This is a common reason that makes people afraid of the commitment. When someone has faced a bab in the past in a relationship, then it becomes difficult for him or her to trust someone again and try the relationship. This feeling is understandable and it takes time to get over it.

Don’t believe in a relationship
They are people who don’t believe in the ideas of a relationship as they are scared of the labels. So, these people tend to be really scared of commitment as they feel their life will be restricted due to the relationship.

Lack of emotional attachment
If you are not emotionally connected to someone you find it hard to commit. It is natural as you need to have a bond before commitment. (Also read: What are the signs that you are accidentally cheating on your partner)

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