What are the personality traits in a girl that usually attracts a guy

What are the personality traits in a girl that usually attracts a guy

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Not all men go crazy after the ‘wannabe’ girls. Some men do like intellectual and humorous girls. Usually, guys take a lot of time to get open up and tell what they actually want in a girl. It’s true that guys also judge girls on the basis of the first impression. But that’s not all that they want. They do like to have a sensible girl by their side. It is difficult to understand what does a guy like about a girl and thus it is quite tricky to win their heart. They go very judgemental on the first look of the girl, however, they still feel to know you better. Thus, make sure, you make the most of what you have to impress your man! (Also read: How to ignore a guy if you want to end all connections with him)

What are the personality traits in a girl that usually attracts a guy?

Guys just don’t like the beautiful faces, they want a witty mind and a humorous soul.

A good smile: Smile can win thousands of hearts. Thus, smile as brighter as you can. The guys will definitely notice if you smile with your heart. A sweet and genuine smile attracts the guys towards a girl. Guys love to be around happy girls.

Simple beauty: Guys don’t like someone who has layers of makeup on her face. So, keep it simple. A simple beauty attracts millions of hearts rather than a made-up face. Keep your makeup minimal and flaunt your natural side. (Also read: What are the most effective ways to make your boyfriend feel secure)

Confidence: Guys like to be around girls who are confident and genuine. Overconfidence is not what we are talking about here. You should be confident in yourself, your personality, your looks and everything you possess. Only when you are happy with your own self, then you can attract others.

Ambition: Guys adore the girls who are ambitious in life. No one likes to be surrounded by someone, who has no goals in life an dis just living a life as it is. Taking about ambition and pursuing your passion is the sexiest things about any girl. So make sure you have an ambition in life.

A good sense of humour: Guys love to be around those girls who have a good sense of humour. Like girls, guys also love to be around a fun loving person. So, make sure you don’t hide your humorous side. Be your own self. Show your fun-loving nature. Don’t be a boring spoil spot to be around anyone. (Also read: How to seduce your partner with the magic of your words)

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