What are the most effective ways to make your boyfriend feel secure

What are the most effective ways to make your boyfriend feel secure

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Insecurity is one of the worst things in a relationship. It can spoil the relation and bring it to the verge of a breakup. One should always try to comfort each other whoever is insecure. There are many reasons to feel insecure in a relationship depending on the partner. It becomes the foremost duty of a partner to give up the doubts prevailing in the mind of another partner. Guys usually do not show up their insecurity easily. However, there must be something in their mind that is troubling them and they can’t talk about it. Thus, they choose to show that in their behaviour. Jealousy and lack of attention are usually the main reasons of a boyfriend feeling insecure. It is true that dealing with an insecure partner becomes difficult, but one should try her best to save the relationship. (Also read: How to seduce your partner with the magic of your words)

Here’s how you can deal with your boyfriend’s insecurities:
Without getting irritated you should aim at making your boyfriend feel comfortable and secure about you and your relationship.

Initiate communication: Lack of communication often leads to misunderstandings and disappointments in a relationship. Thus, make sure to have an open communication with your boyfriend. You should always talk to each other openly about the things that are bothering you to make your relationship strong.

Do little things to make him feel loved: Every insecurity has a reason for it. Make your boyfriend feel loved and special. He might be feeling neglected or ignored which he can’t openly express. Thus, drop those little love signals to him and make him feel secure. (Also read: What are the behavioural signs that your partner wants to end this relationship)

Don’t lie to him: If you both are really in love, then stop lying to him. Share your things and secrets with him. If you want to hang out with your friends, go tell him openly. Keeping secrets might lead to a doubt in his mind. And if you have communicated all this to him, he will feel happy about it and feel glad.

Talk about insecurities: Fight against the biggest fear you both have inside you. Address your insecurities to each other. Once you know about what’s bothering you both, you will see the magic of communication. Once your boyfriend knows about the things that make you feel insecure and vice-a-versa, you both can work upon the same to revive your relationship.

Show him that you are with him: When he knows that you are with him, everything is going to be at its place. When he will know then no matter what, he has you by his side, he will never let the insecurities come in between the two of you. All you need is a right approach. (Also read: How to make your girlfriend feel secure while she is going to needy)

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