What are the most annoying things every boyfriend does

What are the most annoying things every boyfriend does

Your boyfriend is no doubt your partner in crime and your secret keeper. You love to spend time with him. However, it is not always fun and games when you have a boyfriend. There are many things that your boyfriend does that leave you really annoyed. He might not think much about it but for you these habits are frustrating. Don’t worry you are not the only one dealing with annoying habits, there are few common annoying habits that every boyfriend does. (Also read: How to have a healthy argument in a relationship)

Forgetting the dates
For girls, dates are important, even when they claim they are not. Often boyfriends forget the importance of celebrating small milestones. It is not about the date, it is about the feelings.

Ignoring an issue or avoiding discussion
When there is an argument often guys try to avoid the confrontation. It is simply about picking the easiest way out. Fights and arguments are an essential part of any relationship. So, instead of running away it is better to confront it.  (Also read: What are the cutest ways to propose to your man)

Constant jealous
This is something all boyfriends are guilty of. Your boyfriend expects from you to be okay with his close girl pals but doesn’t react the same when you are out with your male friends. Jealousy is not just petty, it also brings a gap in the relationship.

Making plan with his friends before telling you
It is okay that your boyfriend has plans with his friends, but it is not okay that he doesn’t inform you about them. Communication is the key to any relationship. So, before you plan anything like this, it is better to inform your girlfriend about it.

Leaving everything to the last minute
Whether you have an anniversary dinner or a trip, nothing is more annoying than your boyfriend leaving everything to the last minute. Boyfriends usually don’t fret about small details but being organised is must for you.  (Also read: How to ask your girlfriend to stop talking to a guy)

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