What are the most abusive things your partner does in a relationship

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What are the most abusive things your partner does in a relationship

Arguments and fights are common in a relationship. Sometimes, the reaction and the intensity of the fights may rise to an extent that it eventually turns into something serious. An abusive relationship does not only mean that the person will assault you physically. You don’t have to wait till the gravity of a situation becomes too intensified. If you feel your partner is crossing limits in anger and is torturing you in any manner, you should walk out of that relationship right there. No one should tolerate any kind of abuse in a relationship. Sometimes, a verbally abusive relationship also becomes hard to handle. Thus, if your partner is doing the below-mentioned things, you should give your relationship a thought. (Also read: What are the reasons that your girlfriend is good at lying to you)

What are the most abusive things your partner does in a relationship?

If he leaves you alone: If your partner often leaves you alone for no reason, you need to give your relationship, a second thought. You must reconsider living with a person who leaves you every now and then. Besides this, sometimes, the person is physically present before you but mentally he is lost in his world and thus you feel alone. That partner is better if he does not exist.

He forces you: If your partner forces you and want you to do things that you don’t really like, you must talk. Besides this, some men have the habit of dominating their partner. If that dominating nature goes beyond limits, then you must take a stand for yourself. (Also read: What are the signs that your boyfriend is still not over from his ex-girlfriend)

If he interferes with your life: Some of the people think, that being in a relationship means, you have got the license to interfere in other’s life. However, this is not the case. Everyone has a hold of his/her own life and one must not try to interfere with someone’s personal decision.

They portray you wrong: There are some partners who feel proud while they prove someone wrong. All they want in life is to picture you wrong in every aspect of life. It boosts their ego and makes you feel menial. However, if you encounter any such partner, you should immediately talk to them or walk out of the relationship.

Make you feel embarrassed in front of others: If your partner insults you and humiliate you in public, you should break up with that partner right there. Such partners often try to make you fall into the trap of embarrassment and often disgrace you in front of their friends. This is one of the meanest things and you should either talk to your partner or find a way out. (Also read: What are the cheesy things all couples do but never talk about it)

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