What are the major milestones in a relationship

What are the major milestones in a relationship

Relationships are a beautiful thing in our life. Like any successful journey, relationships are also based on milestones. These milestones reflect the growth of a relationship. It helps to understand the direction where the relationship it going. A couple needs to be on the page to move forward together. You might be in a perfect relationship but without knowing the right path it is not possible to see the growth of the relationship. All these first steps the steps to a healthy and happy relationship. All these milestones might appear a huge deal, but they are the reflection of love and trust in a relationship.

He has no problem in addressing you as his girlfriend
Your boyfriend is completely comfortable in introducing you as his girlfriend. This milestone is a sign that he has committed himself to you completely. His friends also know you as his girlfriend. All these things show his love for you. This is a crucial milestone.

You are comfortable with criticism
A healthy relationship is not just based on affection. It is also about accepting the flaws. When you have a stable relationship then you are not afraid to talk about the negatives. This is a major turning point in any relationship as it means that a relationship is not weak. Positive and constructive criticism helps a relationship to move ahead.

You attend social events together
Being together in social events is the biggest milestone for any relationship. It might be a small event like a friend’s birthday but all this thing shows that you both want the relationship to be a last one.

You are with each other in worst times
You have seen each other at the worst times. It might be a work crisis or loss of a dear. All these events have a negative impact on the person. However, these tragedies bring you both close. There is complete acceptance on both sides for comfort and love.

Fights are resolved with communication not sulking
Every couple has a disagreement every now and then. However, the major milestone is now you both communicate with each other instead of giving each other a silent treatment.

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