What are the little things you do in bed that drives him crazy

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What are the little things you do in bed that drives him crazy

Every couple has their own list of fantasies. Your partner desires for some cute little things that make him more crazy for you. These cute little actions, bring both of you closer physically and mentally too. It strengthens your bond and their craving for you intensifies. Besides this, what’s better than knowing the needs of your partner in bed? Knowing what your partner longs for and satisfying them with the same, makes your relationship stronger. For those who know each other well, must have a gala time in bed and even in their life too. A mixture of bit spicy, sweet and sassy acts, is enough to turn him on and make him weak at his knees. (Also read: How to seduce your partner in the right manner)

What are the little things you do in bed that drives him crazy?

Make his bed smell like you: If it’s your first time together, what’s going to be best then leaving him long for you more. Once you leave his bed if it smells like you, we assure that he will go nuts for you. It will make him want you more and will drive him crazy for you.

Wearing his t-shirt: Not only girls, even guys love that. They really adore you for wearing their t-shirt and carry those over-sized t-shirts with so much love. They completely go mad seeing you just in their t-shirt. (Also read: Why do women find bearded men more suitable for long-term relationship)

Spooning with him: Asking him to spoon you is one of the cutest things in bed. It brings both of you closer and gives a sense of belongingness. And trust us, spooning and cuddling bring you closer than any other physical acts.

When you pronounce their name: Yes, guys absolutely love hearing their name from you. While you guys make out, your partner definitely wants you to take his name when you are absolutely turned on and in the middle of things. This leaves them awestruck and also make them more active.

Whisper in his ears: Whispering sweet little things in his ears will definitely turn him on. Those whispers will bring him closer to you. Compliment him, ask him for more or lead him to what you want! Well, you both are going to have the best time this way.

Dress to turn him on: You are going to dress the best nightwear that will make him mad for you. That gown or the nightwear should excite him and turn him on for the best.

Making the first move: Yes, guys absolutely love this too. The want and desire you show them is enough to woo them. And when you move your hands down there, he obviously can’t control and you both will have a passionate lovemaking. This will give them a feeling that you also long for that equally. (Also read: What are the probable reasons that your ex is ruining your relationship)

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