What are the little lies people tell their partner

What are the little lies people tell their partner

Relationships are supposed to be based on honesty and truth. However, sometimes we tell lies in a relationship as well. These lies are not about really something big but just causal white lies. Now the tough question is what part of these lies is okay and what is not. Some people use the excuse of white lies to hide their grave mistakes. Lying is inexcusable in a relationship but there are some common lies that are there in every relationship. So, let’s find out what they are! (Also read: What are the childish and silly habits that are killing your relationship)

“You are always on my mind”
This one is a silly lie, to be honest. Even if you are completely in love with your partner, no one can think about his or her partner all the time. However, people tell this lie to sound romantic and sweet.

“You look perfect”
Even the most beautiful faces face a tough time but even then your partner doesn’t fail to compliment you. It is a really sweet lie that helps to boost the person’s confidence and make the relationship sweeter.  (Also read: What kind of fights indicate that your relationship can’t work anymore)

“I like your friends a lot”
Your friends are your lifelines but it is possible that your partner doesn’t feel the same. So, sometimes it leads to a white lie. Your partner is doing this to maintain a cordial bond with your friends and with you as well.

“She/he is just a friend”
Now in some cases, it is an honest statement but sometimes it is more than that. Just a friend might mean an old fling so it is just a way to cover up. It is not a harmless lie as it can harm your relationship. It is important, to be honest in this case.

“I will never lie to you”
This statement is something everyone has heard in a relationship. Sometimes your partner lies to protect you or sometimes you do the same. It is important to know what lies are acceptable and what are not.  (Also read: What are the signs that you have complete trust in your relationship)

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