What Are The Lies Your Parents Used To Tell But You Have Never Noticed

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What Are The Lies Your Parents Used To Tell But You Have Never Noticed

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Do you remember what was the thing your parents used to tell you the most when you were a kid? Not to tell a lie, right? But, our parents tell us a lot of things which are untrue but we never notice. They lied many cute things to make you an obedient child and to improve your behaviours. Maybe you will also tell these lies to your child when you reach that age and situation. Many of us still believe that fairytales can be a truth or Santa clause comes on 25th December riding his sleigh.

These things may sound silly to you now but, there was a time your parents used to tell you these lies but you did not notice. Hence, let us visit again, down to the memory lane and find out those amazing lies of our parents. (Also Read: What are the signs that your mom is your bestfriend)

God is watching you from the sky:
When kids do a lot of notorious stuff, parents usually tell them that God is watching them and will curse if they do not obey their parents. This makes kids feel scared. Telling about the God is the favourite weapon parents have which kids never notice. When it comes to telling the moral ethics of life, God always stays there. Kids never question the authentication of God or evil.

It will not hurt you, let me apply the medicine:
How many of you remember your biggest wound which made you scream like anything? Hope you remember that how tactfully your parents used to apply the medicine and especially the antiseptic liquids which hurt a lot. Here every parent says that this medicine will not hurt you, but every time it hurts. However, after applying the medicine kids scream a lot and get offended by their parents. But again this happens to them and they again believe what their parents say. (Also Read: Why brother and sisters are best friends)

If you do not come, I will go without you:
Parents threaten their kids a lot. The best threat is this! Kids develop a lot of excuses in their mind. The parents also have the fine responses to break these excuses. Parents know that kids can not stay without them, that is why they continuously threaten their babies about this. We have never thought parents can lie too.

We do not have enough money to buy this:
Parents tell their kids that they do not have enough money in their bag to buy this stuff. This is again a lie that parents used to tell us. You can not help but kids get attached to the amazing colourful toys. But every time holding a toy in the baby’s hand can spoil him/her from the childhood only. Hence, to avoid this, parents say that they do not have enough money to buy this toy. However, on the birthday many kids get the same toy which they have decided once. (Also Read: What is the power of an apology in a relationship)

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