What are the lesser known things about cheating

Lesser known things about cheating

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Love is a game for some people. No matter how loyal you prove yourself to be, they will always find a way to cheat on you. Some people never change and can’t give up on their bad habits. According to a study, some people have a psychological disorder of cheating on their partner. Even though you shower all your love on them, they will never get satisfied and will adopt unfair means to deceive you. Well, we want you to be a step ahead and know the tricks and facts about the people who cheat. We hope you will not encounter any terrible break-ups in future.

Here are few things about cheating not known to many:

Cheaters cheat on someone they know: Cheating is a game for many. They want to be a master in this art. They will initially start with someone they know closely, maybe a friend or an acquaintance, whose trust they can win easily. Much to the surprise, they never feel ashamed of their acts.

Fakers are the biggest cheaters: Everyone shows how clean character they have. They become so innocent that they do not know anything besides love and faithfulness. Fakers fake it all. The more they want you to rely on them, there is a doubt about their intentions. Thus, be careful of the show-offs!

Married couples do not separate: Even after finding out that their partner is cheating on them, married couples do not separate. They stick together because the idea of divorce is not acceptable in Indian society. No matter if they are unhappy in their marriage, they will still cling to each other.

Lack of intimacy makes a man cheat: If the two partners are not going well with each other in terms of their physical relationship, one will definitely try to cheat. Afterall everyone desires for sexual satisfaction.

Cheating is not always due to an unhappy relationship: If a person cheats onto another, that does not mean they were not having a healthy relationship. Cheating is due to the lack of satisfaction and curiosity to have more. This makes a person ignore the existing relationship and they find means to cheat their partner.

Social media is responsible for cheating: The growing interference of social media in our life has led to the increase in the number of cheating cases. Social media has made people over smart and secretive too. They are now accessible to the things they are unaware of earlier. Also, seeing other people and fantasising to have a life like them has eventually lead people to cheat in their relationship.

If you are unhygienic: Your partner is at higher chances of cheating you if you are unhygienic. Personal hygiene is the most important factor and a person needs to maintain it. An untidy and unclean good person at heart, won’t be able to hold onto someone for a long time. Everyone needs a healthy and hygienic partner to be with.

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