What are the different meanings of various types of hugs

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What are the different meanings of various types of hugs

Hugging is one the best practice to exchange the vibes of emotions with your partner. It provides the ultimate warmth and affection in a relationship. We all know that actions speak louder than words, thus, one should show all those feelings through their actions too. When you hug someone it means that person really means to you and his/her presence makes a difference in your life. Trust us, a hug can solve big fights and can also make you feel secure. If you have nothing to say, a hug can make you express your love and feelings. There are many types of hugs which have different meanings. Each hug has a different message to convey to the partner. (Also read: What are the actual reasons that make a guy cheat in a relationship)

What are the different meanings of various types of hugs?

Bear hug: Partners usually hug like a bear when they are extremely close to each other. It’s a carefree hug when you don’t bother with your clothes and hair. You just bump and climb into the arms of your partner. It’s like a close intense hug that shows how much that person means to you.

Passionate hug: If you hug your partner passionately, then it means you are way too romantic. It helps to express a lot of feelings and shows that you are an emotional person as well. (Also read: What Are The Texting Habits Of Men Which Makes Women Stay Away From Them)

Long hold: Hugging a partner for a long time and that too tightly means that your partner is tensed or worried about something. Besides this, it also suggests that your partner wants to share something with you and exchange those tensed vibes. He/she wants you to ask them their cause of worry and help them out to find the appropriate solution. This type of hug is quite intense and says a lot without an actual exchange of words.

Tight hug: A tight hug shows how close you both are to each other. It helps you both to know that you both like to spend time with each other. It also suggests that you both love to spend time with each other and can hold that place into each other’s arms forever.

Sleepy hug: This is one of the sweetest hug. It helps a person lean on a shoulder and found their happy safe place. If your partner gives a sleepy hug, it means that they feel safe with you. Besides this, we only hug so confidently and without much care to the people, we are close with. You can’t give a sleepy hug to anyone. It takes a lot of time to build that confident in someone and feel secure when you are in their arms. (Also read: What are the reasons that your man will never cheat on you)

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