What are the dark sides of being in an open relationship

What are the dark sides of being in an open relationship

Being in an open relationship has been setting a new trend in the market. Yes, you are in a relationship with someone as a primary partner, but you are free to sleep with anyone else. Can you imagine to share your partner with someone else? Well, no! Not even in the worst of a nightmare. However, an open relationship is teaching the teens, the necessity of freedom and space in the relationship. Even though you might be well informed about the other date of your partner yet it’s too difficult to deal with the same. Everyone nowadays only talks about the need to be an open relationship but no one talks about it’s darkest side. (Also read: How to deal with a partner who is too aggressive)

Here are some of the side effects of being in an open relationship:

Leads to guilt: No matter how casual you are about your open relationship, it eventually leads to a guilt in you. When you already have a partner waiting for you at home and you are dating someone for a night out, it’s awkward. One one hand, you promise the world with each other and on the other hand you are sleeping right with someone else, no matter if it’s an open relationship!

Managing time becomes difficult: Making choices is always tough. If you are not devoting enough time to your main partner, it will create problems in your relationship. However, if you both are not devoting enough time to your date, it will too lead to missing the target. Therefore, devoting time to both your ain relationship and casual dates become difficult. (Also read: Why should you never marry a man with these traits)

Leads to jealousy: Well, you have to agree on this!No matter how open and free you are with your thoughts, sharing your partner will always make you jealous. Imagine you are not dating someone else but your partner is doing so, it will eventually make you jealous. Not just this, competition, liking towards someone else, keeping secrets etc. will make you feel bad.

Leads to break up: This is the worst side effect of being in an open relationship. Don’t know when you will be hearing the news that your partner has found someone better. His/her inclination towards someone else might create a hurdle between both of you. Thus, be cautious! (Also read: How to be a good husband in just six amazing ways)

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