What are the consequences of dating someone with a huge age gap

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What are the consequences of dating someone with a huge age gap

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It is often said that love is blind, it doesn’t see the caste, creed and age. However, when it comes to the question of age people have all sorts of opinions about the same. Some people believe that excessive age difference is simply unhealthy for any relationship. However, many couples show the world that age is just a number in case of true love and feeling. So, how exactly a huge age difference impacts a relationship. (Also read: What are the signs that your girlfriend is angry at you)

Emotional connection
Some people simply refuse to grow up despite their age, whereas some people attain emotional maturity at an early age itself. It all depends on the person itself. Sometimes you form a bond a person who is not your age, this doesn’t mean it a wrong feeling. If you have an emotional connection with someone then age is just a number.

Common habits and interest
When you find someone who has the same taste in music, books or even in some hobbies, it is rare. However, when you have a huge age gap, it is difficult to find the common ground. This happens as there is an age difference between two people. A younger person might like new stuff but the elder person is more in retro things. (Also read: How to use silent treatment in a positive way in the relationship)

Health condition
Believe it or not, health plays an important role in maintaining a relationship. When you are in a relationship that has a huge age gap, there are chances that the older partner will face health trouble. They also find it difficult to put up with the younger partner.

Insecurity and jealous
When you are in relationship jealous and insecurity is a common problem. However, when you are in a relationship with a huge gap, you might face a tougher time with jealousy. This happens as you start thinking that your partner will find someone of their own age group.

Marriage and family
If you are planning to convert a relationship with a huge gap in the marital bond, then you must think it properly. Marriage doesn’t only mean an emotional bond, it means growing old together and starting a life. This might be challenging is a relationship with an age gap.  (Also read: Why is it a great idea to date a funny guy)

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