What Are The Bitter Signs Say Your Relationship Is Wrong For You

What Are The Bitter Signs Say Your Relationship Is Wrong For You

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Every relationship has various traits and trails. Some relationships look like they are strong but they are actually weaker than a feather. Wherein some are silent and tough. It is all about how compatible you and your partner are. It is possible that you are trying hard to make your relationship better and somehow you are getting vibes that you are doing it wrong. It is not necessary that the people we love are always good for us. Maybe we are forcing our choice to ourselves only. Hence, we have come up with some bitter signs of your relationship which tell us clearly that the relationship we are in is wrong for us. Have a look and check with your relationship status too. (Also Read: How To Stop Being Dependent On Your Partner)

Your friends and family do not support your relationship:
Is this happening in your relationship too? You may be having a wrong a relationship. It is possible that family is not accepting your relationship for various reasons. But it hardly happens when your friends also deny accepting your relationship. Our friends generally mingle with our partners. But if they are also against of it, you have to think about it.

You are conscious always to be judged:
It is true that judging by others should not make a change in you as you know what you are. But if you are in a relationship and people usually judge your relationship for some obvious reasons, you have to think twice about it. If you are being too conscious about your relationship, you are in a wrong one. (Also Read: How To Be Just Friends When He Wants More)

You never get a strong feeling about your relationship:
If your relationship is positive you will always get a positive vibe which will tell you that you are with a great partner. But if you never get a happy feeling about your love life, you may be having a wrong relationship. Actually, when the entire world around you do not support you about your relationship, it becomes your decision to take next step forward.

None of you put effort to make the things work:
Neither you, nor your partner has any interest in putting effort to make the things work. You both understand that you need more interference in the relationship to keep it intact. But, still, if none of you get the interest, your relationship is wrong and you should get out of it soon.

Your partner is not worth loving:
After all these above problems, this is the last one. It is not necessary that your partner should be worth for the relationship. Your partner may abuse you or hurt you emotionally or physically, he/she can not at all good for anyone’s life. The same goes with you. (Also Read: How To Avoid Being Cheated On Again In The Relationship)

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