What are the benefits of dating a sensitive man rather than choosing a macho man

What are the benefits of dating a sensitive man rather than choosing a macho man

Categorising man is a difficult task. You can’t broadly differentiate an emotional man and a macho man. Guys are very less expressive when it comes to expressions and confessing love. Usually, it’s considered as a girl thing. But there exists a lot of men who actually are sensitive and express the love in a tender manner. It is believed that the macho mankind of guys are not good partners instead the sensitive guys make the best partners. Sensitive men are so unpredictable and might often come up with surprises each day. (Also read: What are the non-sexual things that make you look more attractive and sexy)

Here are few reasons why you should date a sensitive man rather than a macho man:

They are more relatable:
Every girl desires for a guy who can understand her well. Sensitive guys are people a girl can relate to more than a hunk. In fact, it is believed that those who understand the feelings of girls are sensitive guys only.

Sensitive guys don’t hide their feelings: Sensitive guys are more expressive than anyone else. They understand their feelings and find no hesitation to confess them. Not just this, they are more sensible, as they the meaning of heartbreaks and all. They don’t belong to teh category of guys who hide their feelings just because they are men and they can’t express. (Also read: Is your partner having an emotional affair)

Are good listeners: Sensitive guys are less egoistic. They are very good listeners and listen to all that you want to say to them. This is one of the best quality in any man. Sensitive men realise what it is to be ignored and is unheard of. Thus, sensitive man wins here too.

You can lead: The ones who are too arrogant and egoistic will never let you command or lead the relationship. However, a sensitive man wants a peace in a relationship. Lead does not matter to them. All they want is a happy blissful relationship.

You can communicate: If you are dating a sensitive man you can better communicate with him. There is, in fact, more scope of confessing, sharing and creating memories. On the other hand, a macho man won’t understand this business of feelings. They are hardly expressive and don’t give enough weight to feelings. (Also read: Are you in relationship with a controlling boyfriend)

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