What are the benefits of being single

What are the benefits of being single

Seeing couples around, we all desire to get into a relationship and have someone special in our life. Though it is a lovely feeling to be in a relationship, it does bring along some sour lessons too. Being single is the most enjoyable stage of one’s life. Therefore, everyone should enjoy it without any disappointment. Remember, loving your own self should come before loving someone else. We all are self-sufficient, why do we require someone to mess up with our life! There are perks of being single, let’s read about them.

You are not answerable to anyone: Well, being single has many benefits, but freedom stands at the top. While you are single, you are responsible for your own actions. You are not accountable to justify your actions to anyone. It’s your life, you will make a choice.

You can say Yes to Date: Since you are single, you are free to go on a date. You don’t require someone’s approval for a date. Singlehood gives you a chance to look for the better options in life, options may be choosing a right partner. IT’s actually a time when you can choose the best for yourself, out of the lot you acquire!

Singlets have time for friends: All of us are too busy in our lives. Carrying a relationship is an extra responsibility. So it’s a gala time for you to devote time to your friends and enjoy the company of your favourite buddies. After all, a relationship changes your equation with friends!

You stay away from emotional drama: Being single is a state to enjoy. It offers less emotional drama to your life. When you are single, you do not have to worry about the minutest of things that couples crib about. SO enjoy your present state.

It gives time to build focus on work: While you are single, you have ample of time to devote to your work. You can work dedicatedly and without any distractions. It’s finally a time when you can plan a successful future for yourself with better options in life.

Singlehood invites no heartbreak: Well you are single, so you are away from the heartbreaks. Celebrate this time, as breakup shatters you completely. No relationship, calls for no expectations. SO relax, and treat yourself as blessed.

No issues of acceptance by parents: Parents usually creates problem in accepting your love life. This, as a result, leads to family conflicts and one has to make tough choices at times. Congratulations! You don’t stand in that zone. This single life has spared you from fighting with your loved ones.

Hence, though you might feel the lack of someone special in your life, yet it’s a lot better than the shortcomings that relationship brings along. So, don’t get dishearten and celebrate your singlehood, you never know when you might fall for someone.

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