What are the behavioural signs that your partner wants to end this relationship

What are the behavioural signs that your partner wants to end this relationship

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A relationship does not end in a flick of a moment. It takes a series of signs and actions shown by your partner, which ends the relationship. When two people get in a relationship, there is a chemical process of lots of feelings and memories that tend to make you one as a couple. Thus, when a person decides to break up, there is again a flare of feelings that suggest the end. It’s not just one action or a thought that makes a person decide to call off a relationship. There are many reasons that lead to breakups. (Also read: How to give hints to your boyfriend to propose you with a ring)

The lack of communication and understanding between the two of you are the major ones. If you both are trying your best to keep up the relationship alive and worthy, you ought to take a step ahead to save it. However, if the things have gone beyond control, then you need to read the signs that your partner is giving in the relationship.

What are the behavioural signs that your partner wants to end this relationship?

Your partner sees the worst side of yours: If your partner is thinking to end the relationship with you, then they will tend to find the faults in you. He/she will only consider your worst side, no matter how well you react and behave. Once they have decided things in their mind, they will only think worst about you. Whenever you two will be together, they will only think that you are behaving at you worst and in an evil manner. Read that sign carefully!

They criticize you: Your partner will criticize you for what you are! No matter, if he used to love all these things about you, now that he has made up his mind, he will find faults in you. He will criticise you for your behaviour, for your actions and for the things you don’t even think of doing! Criticising is good to bring the best out from a person. But only criticising spoils the relationship. (Also read: Why is it important to send a good morning text to the person you love)

They yell and lash out at you: If your partner has adopted this new technique of yelling and lashing out at you, for no good reason, you have to think about it. Most of the times they remain irritated and annoyed with you. This shows a clear sign of their discomfort with you. It’s an actual human behaviour, they show up their irritation in a weird manner of going aggressively at times. So, think about it!

They avoid spending time alone: No longer is your partner finds it romantic to spend time with you. He/she will avoid going with you alone, rather would pick a group of people to hang out with. They are well aware that going alone will worsen the situation and you both will end up fighting. Besides, he.she no longer enjoys your company alone, there is nothing left between you two that can revive your relationship!

Lack of freedom: Are you noticing a certain change in the behavioural pattern of your partner. While he was providing you ample of space in the relationship and let you spend your life on your own terms, he has become too clingy. Well, this could be the probable sign of lack of trust. Your partner might not like the way you are spending your time and hanging with the group of people. There is a sense of distrust between the two of you. So, talk to them about it! (Also read: How to make a guy love you while you make no compromise to change yourself)

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