What are the actual reasons that make a guy cheat in a relationship

What are the actual reasons that make a guy cheat in a relationship

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No matter what, cheating in a relationship is never acceptable. When you are in a relationship, you are not only responsible for your happiness but even for your partners. However, there are many people who lack moral values and find suitable reasons to cheat in a relationship. Guys usually cheat more than girls do. They find multiple reasons to cheat in their relationship and find their way out. Sometimes, staying in a relationship becomes so suffocating that it’s better to leave and set the other person free as well. Yes, it involves heartbreak and disappointment but one must look at the broader aspect of the same. (Also read: Why dating a short girl is the best thing)

Guys tell the actual reasons to cheat in a relationship

Fear of being cheated: Many guys have a fear in their mind, that their partner will cheat them. Thus, in order to avoid any hurt and heartbreak, they tend to cheat first, This gives them an emotional boost that they have not cheated in the relationship. They think, by doing so, they can avoid getting hurt and can prevent themselves from all the ache that follows of being single.

Scared of relationships: Some guys have this ultimate fear of being in a relationship. They can date and be friends with a girl only But when it comes to make a commitment and get serious, they ran away. The probable reason is their fear of being a relationship. All through life they had been witnessing only failures in a relationship. Thus, they can’t see another failure in life that too in their own relationship. (Also read: What are the most abusive things your partner does in a relationship)

Guys seek revenge: Being cheated in a relationship often clashes with their ego. A guy can never take that he has been cheated by a girl. Thus, in order to seek the revenge from their girl, they often tend to cheat. It’s a tit for tat game for them.

Habitual of cheating: Some guys claim that they are too much habitual of cheating that they don’t even realise that they are cheating. Whenever they feel that they are done with one relationship, they find a way out by cheating. It’s quite a casual thing for them. Love does not exist for them and cheating is a game for them.

Wanted to leave the relationship: Some guys cheat because they have no other option. Their soul has been too much trapped by their girlfriend that they feel helpless. The only way to escape is to cheat. Talking and settling things is out of the question in such a relationship. Thus, the guy thinks to cheat and run away.

Never was in love: Some guys cheat because they can. They never invested enough in a relationship and was just passing their time. Switching to other partner is not a big deal for them. Their purpose of being with a particular girl is over, now they are out for another hunt. Call them casanova, it does not matter to them. It enhances their status symbol. (Also read: What are the reasons that suggest early marriage is the best decision of life)

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