What Are The Ways In Which Women Behave When They Don’t Love You Anymore

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What Are The Ways In Which Women Behave When They Don’t Love You Anymore

Men say that it is very difficult to understand women. Maybe because when women care and love, they do it with their all heart and soul. That is why men fail to understand women. But when a woman stops caring and loving her love, she always shows clear signs. As her love does not thrill her anymore, she ignores the person with a full heart too. Do you think your lady love is also sharing these type of signs? Know her better by reading the following and get to know if she still loves you or not. (Also Read: Little Ways To Make Your Partner Realise That You Appreciate Them)

She will stop caring you like before:
If she does not love you like before, she will stop caring for you too. You will find her touch is not that soothing what it used to be. She will stop engaging herself in solving your problems and making you happy. Now, when you feel sad, she does not ask you even the reason.

She does not put any efforts to make the relationship work:
She is least bothered about making the relationship better. When you both fight, she does not cares to approach you to patch up. She has lost all her instincts to carry the relationship and to make you happy. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Say You Are Sacrificing Too Much In The Relationship)

She does not compliment you anymore:
She is no more like her initial days. During the initial stage of dating, she used to compliment you on your dressing sense and overall looks. Now she just goes on a date like it is a mandatory act. Other than that, she hardly talks to you on the dates.

You do not receive her calls or texts from her:
You must be missing all the initial days of dating phase shared with her. She does not call or message you anymore. Even when you call or text her you may get very late responses from her. This clearly signifies she lost all her interests to talk to you.

She does not make any effort to make you feel special:
These days you both hardly talk to each other. In facts, when you guys talk, she never makes efforts to make you feel motivated or special. During your initial dating days, your girlfriend used to love you a lot and make you used to make you feel better, But now, she is busy with her own world and never compliments you. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Say That You both Have Unbelievable Compatibility)

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