What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all

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What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all

Love is the base of any relationship. A relationship with no love can’t survive, no matter how understanding you both are. A relationship requires love, respect, understanding, concern, care, acceptability. Lack of any of these might be harmful to the entire relationship. One needs to be a little expressive when it comes to love and care. If you don’t bother or care about your partner, it will break your relationship. Lack of concern in a serious relationship can break the bond too. Let’s discuss what are the various signs that show the lack of care from your partner’s end. (Also read: Why it becomes difficult for a guy to understand a girl)

What are the various signs that your partner does not care about you at all?

Your partner does not give you time: One needs time to build a strong bond with their partner. If your partner is denying you time and leaving you alone, then you should watch out. If you both do not have enough time to talk and communicate with each other, there is no care. Your partner is the first and the last person you want to talk every day.

Not replying to your messages: If your partner does not reply to your messages, then you should talk about it. It is a clear sign of ignorance. The need of talking might be really urgent and avoiding you this way, leaves no scope of interaction. (Also read: What are the signs that your casual relationship is turning into a serious relationship)

Do not care about things important for you: When your partner does not give much weightage to the things that matter to you, then you should rethink your relationship. Once you are in a relationship, two people know what are the things that matter to the other person. However, if you can’t do at least that much, then why this relationship?

Your partner never encourages you: You need a little support and encouragement from your partner, no matter what. If they don’t encourage you ever,t his is quite clear that for them your progress and success is not at all important for them.

Your likes and dislikes do not matter: Your partner does not bother much about your likes and dislikes. He/she does what they like and never care enough about your preferences. It is quite clear that they care least about your expectations and likeness. (Also read: What are the reasons behind the failure of modern day relationships)

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